Introduction to gliding – The Long flight –

The “Long Flight”     $1100

If you are seriously interested in Gliding, you should allow at least half whole day to get a proper introduction. Please allow 4 hours for the whole experience.

If you are interested in Gliding, we are happy to introduce to the sport. Your instructor will show you around and explain the basics of the sport. You will be offered the controls during the flight, at apropriate times, to try straight and level flying and maybe even turns.

This is the planned schedule but due to weather we might shuffle the program around a bit, and it is advisable to allow an extra day or two to be flexible for the best weather / experience. 

Package Includes :

– 2 hrs of flying time (DuoDiscus). (extra time charged $150/30min or amount refunded is flown less)

-1 aerotow

-ground school / briefings