The exhilaration of flying is too keen, the pleasure too great, for it to be neglected as a sport.” Orville Wright

I am operating under a CAA part 149 organisation (recreational aviation) and therefore I do not offer short scenic flights, or joyrides. This does not mean that you have already to be a pilot to fly with me, nor make a decision to take up the sport right away, but a genuine interest in gliding / aviation is required.

Maximum weight (100kg) and minimum age (15 years) limits are applied, and good command of English is essential to obtain the maximum enjoyment of your experience.

(Please note that in order to fly with me you will have to join the gliding club as a short term member)


Gliding New Zealand

Omarama Gliding Club


CAA New Zealand

Omarama Airfield LTD (OAL)