Introduction to gliding – 2hrs

One day introduction to Soaring      $690

If you are seriously interested in Gliding, you should allow a whole day to get a proper introduction.

You need the morning to get ready…you the day to fly, and you need the evening to rest and talk about the experience with a big smile on your face, and a glass of wine in your hands.

This is why I offer a full day immersion to gliding:

A typical introduction day will start at 10.00 at the Airfield by looking at the weather. We then go to the classroom and talk about some aspect of gliding, and how aeroplanes / gliders / weather / safety management work.

After this we have a lunch break 12.00-12.40, then we get the glider out and make you comfortable and familiar with the controls / instruments / procedures.

On a standard day, I am expecting to fly between 13.30 – 16.00. After the flight we have a debrief and review the flight. We will be finished around 17.30 with the day.

This is the planned schedule but due to weather we might shuffle the program around a bit, and it is advisable to allow an extra day or two to be flexible for the best weather / experience. 

Package Includes :

– 2 hours of flying time (DuoDiscus)

-1 aerotow

-ground school / training material / briefings

The course can be shared between two people, (extra flying and extra take-offs add to the price, less flying is refunded at a rate of $100/hr)