About me

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Mark Twain

Hello. My name Is Milan Kmetovics and I am a professional gliding instructor operating in partnership with the Omarama Gliding Club, and GlideOmarama Gliding Club.

I started gliding at the age of 15 in 1999 in my home country Hungary, and I have accumulated 3000+ hours of flying to date.

I participated in gliding competitions myself, and I also organised and directed three World Gliding Championships.

I have been working in Omarama as an instructor for five years with Glideomarama and after the closure of the company, I decided to acquire my CPL(G) and carry on flying here under my own “brand” KahuSoaring.

I am passionate about gliding, and especially the beauty of soaring in the Southern Alps. I am very keen to share my enthusiasm and delight and I wish to share this enjoyment of this wonderful environment. I feel people will come away from their experience refreshed and amazed by the wonders of our planet.

I also feel an urge to introduce and involve power pilots to the challenge and beauty of mountain soaring, to increase their situational awareness and understanding of the complexes of the weather which affects every application of our day to day lives. Above all, it is the beauty and amazing insight into our surroundings that enhance our spiritual and everyday being.

Thanks for the visit, and feel free to ask any questions.